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What we do

Web management

Aqua Public Relations has produced websites for diverse organisations with wide-ranging commercial objectives. We project manage the development of your site from site planning through content creation, look and feel development and ongoing content management. We work with a range of content management systems - both proprietary and open source. We can manage your e-newsletter program and produce attention-winning social media campaigns.

For Piñata Farms, Queensland
- Corporate website development and management
For Whitsunday Rent A Yacht, Queensland
- Corporate website development
For Rent A Yacht Holidays, Queensland
- International sailing website development

Media relations


We produce accurate, newsworthy media releases to give journalists the material they need. Our extensive database includes media representatives who contact us regularly for story updates, new story material and background briefings. We provide links to online image galleries for download and co-ordinate product samplings. With experience in horticulture, education, medicine, performance arts, hospitality, tourism and more, our media communications are professionally customised and consistently effective.

For Hortinvest Limited, New Zealand
- Mt Pisa cherry project media release


A regular blog can increase visitations to your website and offer customers a more personal insight into your operations, services or product experience. Aqua Public Relations has produced blogs for tourism operators, food producers and dance academies. Principal and emerging writer, Linda Brucesmith, dips her toes into the world of Latin dance performance in her blog, “Best foot forward: dancer stories”.

For Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy, Queensland
- A dance blog

Publications and e-communications

Aqua Public Relations has produced capability documents, case studies, promotional brochures, newsletters, tender documents and award submissions for large and small, public and private companies operating in technical and non-technical business environments. Our documents are strategically formatted, creatively designed and professionally written in a style suited to your readership. They are cost-effectively project managed, scheduled, produced and printed.

For Piñata Farms, Queensland
- Go for Gold, Honey Gold Congress 2019 booklet

Special events

Special events, like any other public relations tool, should be used to achieve a specific public relations objective. Aqua Public Relations designs product launches, promotions, trade show participation and community events to deliver clear and unique messages to your organisation’s target audience. We don’t do events for the sake of doing them – and we don’t do them again simply because they were well received the first time.

For BerryWorld Australia, Queensland
- B-Day 25th birthday event planning

Brand building and management

The image you present to your stakeholders and consumers through your brand influences how your audiences interact with your business and its products. A united, easily recognisable identity maintained across your corporate communications will significantly contribute to your business goals. Aqua PR ensures your communications are aligned with your brand.

For Whitsunday Rent A Yacht, Queensland
- Trademarked product logo, live auction management

Social media

Social media continues to provide fast evolving communications channels. Aqua PR has experience across a broad range of social media platforms - from set-up and implementation to content development and management. Services include the development of social media strategies, analytics and reporting, advertising and campaign implementation.

For Piñata Farms, Queensland
- Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud pages
For BerryWorld Australia, Queensland
- Facebook page
For Hortinvest Limited, New Zealand
- LinkedIn accounts

Pro bono

Where possible, Aqua Public Relations undertakes pro bono work - including professional advice and services - for individuals, causes and not-for-profit organisations providing public services for the public good.